WOR Spelling to Sound

Listen to these words. Is ‘wor’ pronounced the same or differently?

worst         worn       worry

They are all pronounced with a different vowel sound:

worst /wɜ:st/
worn /wɔ:n/
worry /ˈwʌri/

How do you pronounce ‘wor’?

  • The most common pronunciation of ‘wor’ is /wɜ:/.
  • To pronounce /wɜ:/ don’t forget to bring the tongue to a central position after sounding /w/.
  • The words ‘wore’ and ‘worn’ are pronounced as /wɔ:/.
  • ‘Worry’ and its derivatives are pronounced /wʌ/.
  • ‘worsted’ (a weaved fabric) is pronounced with /wʊ/.


These words are always pronounced with /ɜ:/:

word, work, world, worm, worthy, worship, worse.

These words are always pronounced with /ɔ:/:

wore, worn.

These words are always pronounced with /ʌ/:

worry, worrisome, worried.



Listen and repeat the sentences:

A. That worm’s work is the worst in the world.

B. Her wart was worn off by the ring that she wore.

C. Don’t be such a worrywart. You worry too much.

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