A practical course in modern (GB) British English pronunciation.

A practical course in modern (GB) British English pronunciation.

The Sound of English covers the 4 essential areas of English pronunciation:

Mouth Position

Where to place the tongue, lips and jaw

Phonemic Alphabet

Symbols and spellings of the 44 English sounds

Spelling to Sound

How to choose sounds based on spelling

Accent Variations

Key variations in the UK, Ireland and beyond. 

“It has been just amazing how in a few weeks I could sound with more clarity and finesse. Highly recommended to all of those who want to get their command of the English language to another dimension.”

Javier Fernandez-Pena (Spanish Buzz in Toy Story 3).

Practical & Easy to Use

The Sound of English is designed with the learner in mind, featuring hundreds of:




audio tracks


The Sound of English was made at Pronunciation Studio speech school. We are a team of IPA certified speech and language trainers in London. Since 2008, we have helped over 10,000 learners in London and over a million learners have used The Sound of English course materials worldwide.

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