Affricate Consonant Sounds

– English has two affricate sounds, /tʃ/ and /dʒ/:

/tʃ/ choosing, beach

How do you produce affricate sounds?

  • Affricates start as plosives then release into fricatives.
  • /tʃ/ and /dʒ/ use the same mouth positions.
  • Firstly, touch your tongue on the alveolar ridge (as if about to pronounce /t/ or /d/).
  • Secondly, roll your tongue into the post-alveolar position (as in /ʃ/ or /ʒ/).





Repeat the following:

/tʃ/ chin, beach, switch, chilling, change, chops, China, fetch, chilli.

/dʒ/ pledge, judge, jury, orange, jumping, Jack, hedge, surge, jig.


Practise saying the sentences, focusing on the affricates:


A. Charlie cheerfully checked for more scotch. B. Please Fetch the mature cheddar cheese. C. It was a challenge not to cheat at the chess championship.


D. John hit Jim’s Jaguar with an orange. E. Jemima’s huge Jeep is outrageous. F. Just do your duty General, the soldiers are counting on you.