Listen to the following words, where is the stress?

landlady         fireplace       cowboy      goldfish     doorbell

The stress is on the first syllable of each word. They are all compounds – 2 words joined.

What is a compound and how are they pronounced?

  • Compounds are words which are formed of two words.
  • Most compounds place stress on the first word.
  • Compounds can be be written as one word, two words separated by a hyphen, or two separate words.


grasshopper, playground, moonlight, fireworks, wardrobe, dishwasher, washing machine, ironing board, dining room, dinner plate.


Find compounds in the sentences below

A. Put the watermelon in the wheelbarrow and take it inside B. Kerry’s daydream involved a goldfish and a hairy armadillo C. The dragonfly flies through the lily pads looking for flies E. Cowboys cook marshmallows on campfires. F. A droplet of lavender is sure to cure most headaches. G. Only a daredevil would ride on the motorway in the rain. H. The lighthouse has been empty since the gentlemen left.

A. watermelon, wheelbarrow B. daydream, goldfish C. dragonfly, lily pad E. cowboys, campfires F. droplet, headaches G. daredevil, motorway H. lighthouse, gentlemen.