English has 7 diphthong sounds:

/eɪ/ pay
/ɔɪ/ boy
/aɪ/ why
/əʊ/ know
/aʊ/ how
/ɪə/ here
/eə/ bear

What are diphthong sounds?

  • A diphthong is a vowel sound that moves from one mouth position to another.
  • The first position in a diphthong is stronger than the second.


– Repeat the seven diphthong sounds within words:

/eɪ/ play, shame, able, name, straight, bathe, ache, take.
/ɔɪ/ oil, noise, lawyer, avoid, join, oyster, voice, toil.
/aɪ/ eye, child, style, wild, pint, while, guy, climb.
/əʊ/ phone, bone, comb, know, rose, over, poet, toe.
/aʊ/ owl, shout, about, round, house, town, cow, loud.
/ɪə/ ear, here, beard, pier, cheer, dear, earring, near.
/eə/ air, fairy, stare, prayer, bear, there, where, swear.


– Repeat the diphthong sounds in sentences:

A. /eɪ/ It takes a day to bathe your aches away.
B. /ɔɪ/ Avoid those boys and their noisy toys.
C. /aɪ/ That child’s style is silent but wild.
D. /əʊ/ Don’t row the boat so slowly.
E. /aʊ/ How about we have this row now?
F. /ɪə/ Here, here. Let’s cheer for more beer!
G. /eə/ Mary rarely shares her pears with Claire.