The Sound of English

British (GB) English Pronunciation Course

A practical course (ebook + audio) covering the 44 sounds of standard (GB) British English, how to join them together and their IPA symbols. 

The practical 150 page course covers the essential study areas for learners of English pronunciation.


How to pronounce each of the 44 sounds of English using the tongue, lips, jaw and voice. 


How to convert English spelling into sound: we learn the rules and exceptions. 


How sounds change in connected speech. 


The IPA symbols for every sound so that learners can read pronunciation transcriptions. 

The Sound of English is used by more than 100,000 learners in over a hundred countries.

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150 Pages

Ebook containing 9 chapters. Each chapter focuses on a different group of sounds.

IPA Chart

Symbols for each of the 44 sounds of English (20 vowel & 24 consonant) and 2 common variations. 

200+ Illustrations

Mouth diagrams for all sounds are accompanied by hundreds of full colour illustrations

124 Audio Tracks

Over 100 audio tracks recorded by IPA certified pronunciation trainers accompany every page of the course.

The following features are activated by tapping or clicking on the icons in the ebook:


Tap or click the audio symbol to hear the audio on the website. You can also download the audio for offline use. 


When you finish an activity, tap the answer key button to see the answers. 


Contents pages, the IPA Chart and all chapter covers are clickable to easily navigate around the course. 

The Sound of English was made and recorded by IPA certified pronunciation teachers at the Pronunciation Studio in London. We’ve helped hundreds of teachers and thousands of learners to improve their pronunciation skills since 2008.