Glottal Stop /ʔ/

Listen to the following words- which one contains a different type of /t/ sound:

pirate    partner    potato

“partner” does not contain a normal /t/ sound, it has been replaced with a glottal stop /ʔ/.

What is a glottal stop?

  • A voiceless stop sound made in the throat.
  • A glottal stop can replace a < t > in spoken British English.
  • This commonly occurs when a < t > is at the end of a syllable is followed by a consonant sound.
  • Some British accents such as cockney, use more glottal stops.


Repeat the words with glottal stops:

assortment, nightgown, outgoing, network, outwards, shortbread

Repeat the segments of speech:

What-day, that-man, don’t-know, can’t-be, get-going, but-why


A.. Circle the words which contain a glottal stop:

footpath, masterful, heartbreak, acceptable, establish, chutney, outburst, wither.

footpath, heartbreak, chutney, outburst

B. Circle the words which when joined will contain a glottal stop:

but-how , it-isn’t, at-four, not-now, but-Oliver, that-is, went-home, eat-anchovies

‘but-how’, ‘at-four’, ‘not-now’, ‘went-home’