Nasal Consonant Sounds

Listen to the following words. What is the last sound in each word?

sim sin sing

sim /m/    sin /n/    sing /ŋ/
These are the three nasal sounds of English.

What are nasal sounds?

  • A nasal sound is made by releasing sound through the nose.
  • English has three nasal sounds: /m,n,ŋ/.
  • /ŋ/ is pronounced when an ‘n’ appears before a ‘k’ or ‘g’.




/m/ moan  many  lemon  omelette  ram  some

/n/  no  never  leaner  handy  soon  loan

/ŋ/  sing  bring  hanger  wrongly  think  banking


Find examples of each nasal sounds in every sentence:

A. How many monks are on their way now?

B. I’m coming to the conclusion that nobody knows. C. You can’t sing, Mandy, no way. D Working on this movie has not changed my mind.

A. many /m,n/  monks /m,ŋ/  on /n/  now /n/
B. I’m /m/  coming /m,ŋ/  conclusion /ŋ/  nobody /n/  knows /n/
C. can’t /n/  sing /ŋ/  Mandy /m,n/  no /n/
D. Working /ŋ/  on /n/  movie /m/  not /n/  changed /n/  my /m/  mind/m/