Phrasal Verb Compound Stress

Listen to the following sentences. How does the stress change in the words in bold?

A. There’s the hotel! Let’s check in.
B. Check-in is open from 3pm-9pm.
In the first sentence the stress is on ‘in’, in the second sentence the stress is on ‘check’.

How does stress change in phrasal verbs and compound nouns?

  • Some phrasal verbs have corresponding compound nouns.
  • Phrasal verbs (verb + particle) normally place stress on the particle.
  • Compounds (words formed of two words) normally place stress on the first word.
  • A hyphen is often added to make the compound.


Listen and repeat the phrasal verbs and compounds below:



Mark the stress in the words in bold:

A. Oh no! I’ve dropped my handbag. Can you pick it up B. The journalists suspect that there has been a police cover-up. C. After a quick stopover in Paris we were soon off on our journey. D. Put the fire on. I need to warm up. E. This is a very difficult exercise. Can you tell me how to work it out? F. I went to the doctor for a checkup. G. Look out! That car almost hit you! H. Please pay at checkout number 6, please.

A. pick ˈup B. ˈcover-up C. ˈstopover D. warm ˈup E. work ˈout F. ˈcheckup G. look ˈout H. ˈcheckout

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