Place Name Compounds

Listen to the following names of English places, which one is stressed differently?

Abbey Road      Berkeley Square     Downing Street
‘Downing Street’ is stressed differently – the main stress is on ‘Downing’. In ‘Abbey Road’ and ‘Berkeley Square’ the main stress is on the second word. 

How are name compounds stressed?

  •  Names of places are pronounced with main stress on the last word (x X): 
  • The only exception to this rule is places that contain the word street.
    In streets, the first word is stressed (X x)


Repeat the names stressing the last word:

Sloane Square, Shaftesbury Avenue, Brick Lane, Caledonian Road, Covent Garden

Repeat the names stressing the first word:

Harley Street, Regent Street, Oxford Street, Bond Street, Liverpool Street


Choose the name with a different stress pattern in each line:

A.  Oxford Circus, Carnaby Street, Gray’s Road, Chancery Lane

B. Wardour Street, Leicester Square, York Avenue,  Berlin Way

C. Pall Mall, Shaftesbury Avenue, Victoria Embankment, Fleet Street

D. Grosvenor Square, Harley Street, Savile Row, Park Lane

E. Sloane Square, Portobello Road, Regent Street, Parliament Square

A. Carnaby Street B. Wardour Street C. Fleet Street D. Harley Street E. Regent Street