Schwa Function Words

Listen to the following sentence. How many function words are pronounced with a schwa?

Are you going to make the tea?

Three function words contain a schwa sound: are /ə/, to /tə/ and the /ðə/.

Why are function words pronounced with a schwa?

  • Many function words are pronounced with a schwa when they are weak.
  • If a function word is stressed, it cannot be pronounced with a schwa.


First say the function word strong and then weak with a schwa.

to /tu:,tə/ are /ɑ:,ə/ was /wɒz,wəz/ from /frɒm,frəm/ there /ðeə,ðə/ can /kæn,kən/ her /hɜ:,hə/ for /fɔ:,fə/ were /wɜ:,wə/ at /æt,ət/


Listen to the recording and decide which schwa function word is missing.

A.  You promised not to say anything.

B.  When _____ you planning on telling me?

C.  _____ I help you at all?

D.  I worked really hard _____ this.

E. _____ weren’t any interesting books.

F.  The play starts_____ 7:30.

G.  What _____ your name again?

H.  _____ hair’s very long.

I.  Michael’s _____ Northern Ireland.

J.  _____ you busy later?

A. to B. were C. can D. for E. there F. at G. was H. her I. from J. are

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